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How To Remove OOII Ransomware (Virus Removal Guide)

  Category:  RANSOMWARE | 28th February 2022 | Author:  CSI TEAM

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Ooii ransomware Is A Nasty Application, Because It Is A Ransomware Program. However, OOII Ransomware Know About The Behaviour And Action Inside The Computer System. OOII Ransomware May Start Encryption Process To Encrypt All Files And Folders. If Microsoft OS And Macintosh OS Has Been Affected By The OOII Ransomware, Then Developer Of The OOII Ransomware Can Demand The Money For Decryption Key.

There Are Sensitive Files, Which Could Not Work Properly Because OOII Ransomware Can Completely Freeze. Linux OS Computers Will Show Messages Which Demand Payment In Order To Have The Impeccably With Key To Decrypt Code.

Why Your Computer Security Software Failure To Secure The Computer System Against OOII Ransomware Code. That Means You Will Be Blocked Or Locked Out Of Your Own Computer Or Files Until You Pay Them Via Bitcoin.

The Developer Of OOII Ransomware Wants To Transaction All Money Through Cryptocurrency. Hence, OOII Ransomware Will Initiate Many Invaluable Functions Inside The Computer System.

The CPU Function, Internet Data Sharing, Files Sharing Via Peer-to-peer, Cripple Web Browser Function Along With Data Collection Through Cookies And History. The Home Page Will Automatically Change, Search Engine Page Also Converted And Redirect To Malicious Page.

OOII Ransomware Will Exhibit The Warning Messages Into Desktop Screen, After Entire Control The Computer System. These Messages Are Related With Money. You Can Transfer The Money Then You Should Big Loss For You.

If Your Computer System Is Already Contaminated By The OOII Ransomware, Do Not Pay Any Ransom. Instead, Endeavour The Following Price Less Decryption Tool, There Is An Excellent For You Will Be Able To Uncrippled Your Files. It Can Take Some Time But It Will Be Worth The Wait.

These Free Decrypt Tools Will Unlock The OOII Ransomware. Prevention Is Better Than Cure, Here Are 2 Good Reasons.

Backup All Your Files, Always – Even If Cyber Criminals Do Manage To Infect Your PC, You Can Just Wipe The System Clean And Restore Your Latest Backup. No Money Lost And, Most Importantly, No Important Information Compromised!

Use Genuine Antivirus, Keep It Updated – It Is Always A Good Idea To Use The Original Antivirus And Not A Pirated Version Downloaded From Torrent. If You Have A Genuine Antivirus Installed, It Is Unlikely For Your System To Be Infected With A Ransomware, Unless It Is Not Up To Date.

Technical Summary

  • Name: OOII Ransomware
  • Category: Ransomware
  • Sub-Category: Malware
  • Extension: .ooii
  • Ransomware File: _readme.txt
  • Ransom Amount: $490 To $980
  • Symptoms: The Images, Videos, And Other Documents Have The “.ooii” Extension And Cannot Be Opened By Any Programs.
  • Contact: And
  • Risk Level: Very High

OOii Ransomware Enters As A Set Of Processes That Are Convinced To Perform Distinguish Functions On A Compromise’s Computer System. One Of The First Ones Being Started Is Winupdate.exe, A Canny Process That Shows A Counterfeit Windows Update Prompt During The Invasion. This Is Meant To Persuade The Compromised Computer User That A Sudden Terminal Slowdown Is Caused By The Windows Update.

However, At The Same Time The OOii Ransomware Runs Another Process Behind, Which Initiates Scanning Process For Target Files And Encrypting Them. Next, The OOii Ransomware Deletes Volume Shadow Copies From The Computer System Using The Following CMD Command:

vssadmin.exe Delete Shadows /All /Quiet

once Removed, It Becomes Impossible To Retrieve The Prior Computer State Using System Restore Points. OOii Ransomware Developers Are Getting Remove Of Any Windows OS Related Method That Could Assist The Victim To Restore Files For Free. In Others Information, The Cyber Criminals Alter The Windows HOSTS File By Adding A List Of Domains To It As Well As Mapping Them To Localhost IP. Consequently, The Victim Will Run Into A DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN Error File, When Accessing One Of The Freezed Websites.

The Cyber Criminals Are Making An Effort To Protect The Compromise’s Computer System From Reaching Relevant As Well As Reliable Ransomware Attack Concerned Information Through Online. The Computer Virus Also Stores Two Text Files On The Compromise’s Machine That Provide Invasion Related Information – The Victim’s Public Encryption Key And Personal ID. These Are Two Files Are Called Bowsakkdestx.txt And PersonalID.txt.

When Modifications Process Is Completed, The Malware Does Not Stop. Variants Of STOP/DJVU Ransomware Tend To Drop AZORULT Password-stealing Trojan On Compromised Systems. OOii Ransomware Threats Has A Lengthy List Of Capabilities, Included As:

  • Stealing Steam, Telegram, Skype Login / Password;
  • Stealing Cryptocurrency Wallets;
  • Downloading Malware To The Computer And Running It;
  • Stealing Browser Cookies, Saved Passwords, Browsing History, And More;
  • Viewing And Manipulating Files On Victim’s Computer;
  • Allowing The Hackers To Perform Other Tasks On The Victim’s Computer Remotely.

The Cryptography Algorithm Runed By DJVU/STOP Ransomware Is AES-256. So, If Your Data Or Information Got Encrypted With An Online Decryption Key, Which Is Completely Unique. The Despondent Reality Is That It Is Unendurable To Decrypt The Files Without The Unique Key.

In Case If Ooii Ransomware Runed In Online Mode, It Is Unendurable For The User To Gain Access To The AES-256 Key. It Is Stored On A Distant Server Owned By The Frauds Who Disperse And Ooii Ransomware Infection.

For Receiving Decryption Key The Payment Should Be $980. To Obtain The Payment Details, The Victims Are Encouraged By The Message To Contact The Frauds By Email (

The Ooii Ransomware Displays Message In Text Format:


Don't Worry, You Can Return All Your Files!

All Your Files Like Photos, Databases, Documents And Other Important Are Encrypted With Strongest Encryption And Unique Key.

The Only Method Of Recovering Files Is To Purchase Decrypt Tool And Unique Key For You.

This Software Will Decrypt All Your Encrypted Files.

What Guarantees You Have?

You Can Send One Of Your Encrypted File From Your PC And We Decrypt It For Free.

But We Can Decrypt Only 1 File For Free. File Must Not Contain Valuable Information.

You Can Get And Look Video Overview Decrypt Tool:

Price Of Private Key And Decrypt Software Is $980.

Discount 50% Available If You Contact Us First 72 Hours, That's Price For You Is $490.

Please Note That You'll Never Restore Your Data Without Payment.

Check Your E-mail "Spam" Or "Junk" Folder If You Don't Get Answer More Than 6 Hours.

To Get This Software You Need Write On Our E-mail:

Reserve E-mail Address To Contact Us:

Your Personal ID:


How To Remove Ooii Ransomware From The Infected Computer System?

There Are Number Of Possibilities To Start To Clean The Computer System. But Problem May Occur While Your Essential File May Not Loss Or Delete Accidentally.

Best Option To Consult The Cyber Security Experts And Security Software To Remove Ooii Ransomware Program From The Compromised Computer System. Please Do Not Pay Any Ransomware. It Is Dangerous For You.

Step 1: Remove Malware From Browser

Step 2: Remove Malign Program

Step 3: Rest The Internet Browser

Step 4: Active Pop-up Blocker

Step 5: Remove Malware With Security Software

Step 6: Recover Files & Information With Data Recovery Software

Step 1: Remove Malware From Web Browser

Google Chrome

  • When Chrome Is Open, Go To The Upper Right Corner Of The Browser Window And Click The three Dots Menu Button.
  • From The Left Panel Menu, Select Settings, Then Privacy And Security.
  • Scroll Down To Notifications Under Site Settings.
  • It Will Then Provide A List Of Sites That Are Permitted To Display Notifications. Identify And Delete The Suspicious Website.
  • To Remove The Site, Click The three Dots Next To The Link And Then Select remove.

Mozilla Firefox

  • Launch Mozilla Firefox Browser Then Open The Menu By Clicking On The three Horizontal Lines located In The Upper Right Corner.
  • Click The Settings Option Then Hover Over To The Privacy And Security Panel.
  • Scroll Down Until You Find The “Permissions” Section Then Click Settings.
  • A Window Will Open Alongside Websites With Permission To Show Notifications.
  • Remove The Website By Selecting On The URL And Clicking The Remove Website Button.
  • [Optional] There Will Be An Option Called “Block New Requests Asking To Allow Notifications” If You Do Not Wish To Allow Sites To Further Ask For Notifications Then You May Tick The Box.
  • After Making The Modifications, Click Save Changes.

Microsoft Edge

  • Run Microsoft Edge On The Computer And Click three Dots Icon On The Upper Right Corner.
  • Click On The Settings Button.
  • Select The Cookies And Site Permissions On The Left Sidebar.
  • Find And Click Notifications Then Under The Allow Section, Find The Suspicious Website, And Remove It.
  • Toggle The three Dots On The Right End Of The Website Link Then Click remove.


  • Open The Safari Browser Then Click On Safari On The Menu Bar On Top.
  • Choose Preferences From The Drop Menu.
  • A Window Should Appear, Then Click The Websites Tab.
  • On The Left Side Panel Select Notifications.
  • Remove The Website From Safari By Selecting The URL And Clicking The Remove Button.

Step 2: Remove Malicious Program

Even After Jingle With The Web Browser, Malware Malign Code May Still Display Up. In That Situation, An Advertisements Is Related With Malware Program, Which May Be The Issues Of This. Malware May Occur As A Consequence Of A Skeptical Application Installed In The Computer System. If The User Is Not Sure Which Software Is Causing The Troubling, Exploit Task Manager To Figure It Out The Next Time The Pop-ups Appear.

Method 1: Manual Removal

manual Removal

  • Open The Start Menu And Search Task Manager In The Windows Search Bar.
  • Hover Over To The Applications Tab To See What Programs Are Currently Executing. Unknown Programs That You Might Not Remember Installing Should Be Visible.
  • If You Locate A Suspicious-looking Program In Your Apps List, It Could Be The Source Of Your Pop-up Issues.
  • Click The Windows Button Or Hover Over To The Start Menu, Choose Settings, Then Apps And Features.
  • Scroll Over To The Bottom To Find Programs And Features And The Control Panel will Open.
  • Find The Suspicious program/application In The List Of Programs Installed On The Computer.
  • Once You Have Determined That An Application Is The Root Of The Problem, Uninstall It By Right-clicking On It And Selecting Uninstall.
  • After A Few Minutes, The Malicious Program Should Be Completely Deleted From The Computer, And Malware Related Website Will Not Have The Ability To Reappear Once More.

Method 2: Remove Suspicious Extension From Browser

Malign Code Or Malign Adware And Malware May Sometimes Be Found As Web Plugin Inside The Web Browser. If You Do Not Watch Any Skeptical Applications On Your Computer System, The Malware Program Will Most Likely Be Conceal Within The Internet Browser Itself.

Google Chrome

Click The three Dot Buttons In The Right-hand Corner Of Chrome Browser. Find And Click More Tools From The Drop Menu, Then Select Extensions.

A New Tab Will Appear With All Your Installed Extensions. Find Which Extension Is Suspicious And Delete It. In Order To Deactivate The Extension, toggle The Blue Switch To Disable The Program. Then Click The remove Button To Fully Uninstall It From Google Chrome.

If The Switch Is Disabled: You Must Remove The Extension From Within The Extensions Folder Manually. Go To The Google Chrome Extensions Folder By Using The Following Directory:

C:\Users\YOUR NAME\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\Extensions

You Will See A List Of Folders With Different Hashes, To Find What You Need To Delete, Tick The Developer Mode In The Google Chrome Extensions Tab To Show The Id Of Downloaded Plugins.

Find The One Matching The Id Of The Extension You Wish To Remove To The One In The Folder Then Delete It. Restart Google Chrome And The Extension Should Be Gone.

Mozilla Firefox

Click The Menu Button In The Right Corner Of Firefox Once It’s Open. Then Go To Add-ons And Themes Then Select Extensions.

Toggle The Blue Switch To Disable The Suspicious Extension After Finding It. Click Remove From The Three Dots Icon On The Right Side Of The Extension You Want To Remove.

Microsoft Edge

Open Microsoft Edge Application Then Click On The Three Dots On The Upper Right. A Drop-down Menu Will Show Then Click Extensions.

New Tab Will Open And Show All Installed Extensions On The Browser. Find The Suspicious Extension That You Might Have Not Installed.

Slide The Blue Switch To Disable The Use Of The Extension. Click On The remove Button Just Below The Extension.


Open The Safari Browser Then Click On Safari On The Menu Bar On Top. Choose Preferences From The Drop Menu. A Window Should Appear, Then Click The Extensions Tab.

Search For Suspicious Extensions You Did Not Install. Click The Unwanted Extension Then Select The remove Button.

Method 3: Google Chrome Cleanup Tool

If You Are Using Google Chrome As A Default Browser Program, Then You May Utilize The Cleanup Tool Feature That Came With The Application.

google Chrome Clean Up Tool

  • Open Google Chrome And Click The three Dots In The Upper Right Corner Of Your Screen To Access The Google Chrome Menu.
  • Click The Settings Button, Then Click The Advanced Menu On The Left Side Of The Screen From The Settings Screen.
  • Select Reset And Clean Up Which Can Be Found At The Bottom.
  • There Will Be Two Options, Select Clean Up Computer.
  • Hover Over To The Find Icon And Click It. Then Wait For Chrome To Perform A System Search. While It Is Working In The Background, It Will Display The Message “Checking For Harmful Software”.
  • If Chrome Discovers Something To Be Concerned About After The Scan, It Will Notify You To Take The Next Steps. If No Threats Are Discovered, The Message “No Harmful Software Was Found” Will Appear.


When The Malicious Program Is Uninstalled, Malware Should Not Come Back. If The Adware Infection Still Remains, A Good Antivirus Program Should Be Able To Eliminate The Threat.

It Is Much Easier To Rely On An Antivirus Application When Dealing With Malware Because It Is Lot Easier To Use Since Not Everyone In The Web Is A Tech Savvy. Please Follow The Instructions On The Next Section.

Step 3: Reset The Web Browser To Default Settings

If The Malware Deceit Web Site Is Still Not Eliminated After The Previous Steps, Resetting The Browser Program Should Do The Trick. It Is Also Worth To Note That The Reset Will Not Erase Your Saved Bookmarks And Passwords.

Reset Google Chrome

rest Chrome Web Browser

  • Open Google Chrome And Click The three Dots In The Upper Right Corner Of Your Screen To Access The Google Chrome Menu.
  • Click The Settings Button, Then Click The Advanced Menu On The Left Side Of The Screen From The Settings Screen.
  • On The Drop-down Menu, Select Reset And Clean Up
  • Click On The Restore Settings To Their Original Defaults.
  • Then A Small Window Will Appear And Click The Reset Settings.

Mozilla Firefox

reset Firefox

  • Launch Mozilla Firefox Browser Then Open The Menu By Clicking On The three Horizontal Lines Located In The Upper Right Corner.
  • Navigate Down And Click Help Then Select More Troubleshooting Information From The Options Given.
  • Select The Refresh Firefox Button.
  • Click Refresh Firefox On The Confirmation Window That Appeared.

Microsoft Edge

reset Edge

  • Run Microsoft Edge On The Computer And Click three Dots Icon On The Upper Right Corner.
  • Click On The Settings Button From The Drop-down Menu.
  • Find And Click The Reset Settings From The Left Sidebar.
  • Then Click On The Option Restore Settings To Their Default Values.
  • A Warning Window Will Appear That You Are About To Reset The Browser, Click Reset And The Browser Should Return To It’s Default Settings.

Step 4: Enable Browser Pop-up Blocker

Sometimes, Malicious Website May Come Appear To The Computer Once Again That Is Why Users Should Take Advantage Of The Pop-up Blocker Within The Browser Itself. Web Browsers Typically Have A Pop-up Blocker System Installed In Their Program.

If You Do Not Need Browser Notifications At All, You Should Enable This Feature. It Will Get Rid Of The Pop-up Advertisements As Well As Future Risks.

For Google Chrome

google Chrome Notification

  • Open The Google Chrome Application And Click The three Dots In The Upper-right Corner Of Your Screen To Access The Google Chrome Menu.
  • Find And Click Settings From The Drop-down Menu.
  • Look For The Advanced Option In The List On The Left Side Of The Screen On The Settings Screen.
  • Select Privacy And Security Then From Here, Click Site Settings.
  • Hover Over To The Pop-ups And Redirects Option Then Toggle The Do Not Allow Sites To Send Pop-ups Or Use Redirects.

For Mozilla Firefox


  • Run Mozilla Firefox Browser Then Open The Menu By Clicking On The three Horizontal Lines located In The Upper Right Corner.
  • Click The Settings Option Then Hover Over To The Privacy & Security Panel.
  • Scroll Down Until You Find The Permissions Section.
  • From There, You Should Find The Block Pop-up Window Option And Tick It. (For Mobile Users: Change The Notification Permission To Blocked).

For Microsoft Edge

edge Block

  • On The Upper-right Side Of The Browser, Click The three Dots Then Select Settings Button.
  • Find And Select Cookies And Site Permissions.
  • Toggle The Switch Between Off And On To Disable Pop-ups And Redirection.
  • For Older Versions Of Microsoft Edge, Find And Click Privacy & Security Instead.
  • Scroll Down And Click Security.
  • Toggle Between Off And On By Clicking The Block Pop-ups Switch.

For Safari

for Safari

  • Open The Safari Browser Then The Finder In The Menu Bar Will Change Into Safari, Click On It.
  • Choose Preferences From The Drop Menu.
  • A Window Should Appear, Then Click Security Tab.
  • Find And Check The Block Pop-up Option checkbox.

This Will Stop All Pop-ups And Notifications From Appearing On Any Website You Visit, Regardless Of Whether It Is Harmful Or Not.

Step 5: Remove Malware With Security Software

1. Remove AntiVirus With Sophos Home

2. Remove Malware With HitmanPro

3. Cylance Smart Antivirus

4. Remove Virus With ZoneAlarm AntiVirus & Firewall

5. Heimdal Premium Security Home To Safe PC

Remove Malware With Sophos Home

1. Award-winning Security

The Same Malware That Attacks Fortune 500 Companies Attacks Private Users, Too. Sophos Home Uses The Same Award-winning Security Features That Keep Those Companies Safe.

  • Better Performance - See An Immediate Improvement As Sophos Home Scans And Cleans Your Computer, Removing Malware That Could Be Slowing It Down.
  • Threat Protection - Keep Your Valued, Private Information Safe By Blocking Viruses, Ransomware, And Other Malware From Stealing Or Destroying Files, Documents, And Photos.
  • Secure Shopping - Surf The Web With Confidence, Knowing Sophos Home Protects Your Online Shopping And Banking From Phishing And Hacking.

New Features Of The Sophos Home

  • Malware Scan And Clean - Starts With A Deep Scan And Clean Of Your Computers For Hidden Threats. Removes Malware Lurking On Your System.
  • AI Threat Detection - Protects Against Viruses, Malware, Trojans, Worms, Bots, Unwanted Apps, And More – Even Ones No One’s Heard Of Yet.
  • Ransomware Security - Protects Your Personal Files And Photos From Being Encrypted And Held For Ransom. 
  • Security Management - Protects All Your Devices. Secure Up To 10 Windows And Mac Computers, Plus An Unlimited Amount Of IOS And Android Tablets And Phones.
  • Privacy Protection - Stops Unauthorized Access To Your Webcam. Encrypts Your Keystrokes So Cybercriminals And Keylogger Software Can Not Capture What You Are Typing – Like Logins And Passwords.
  • Web Protection - Blocks And Bad Or Compromised Websites, Including Phishing Sites, For Safe Browsing, Banking, And Shopping. Adds Additional Browser Security And Automatically Scans Your Downloads.
  • Real-Time PC Antivirus - Spots Telltale Virus Behaviors And Uses The Extensive SophosLabs Databases To Constantly Protect Your PC From Viruses, Malware, Trojans, Worms, Bots, Unwanted Applications, Ransomware, And More.
  • Parental Web Filtering - Gives You Parental Control Over The Web Content Your Children Can Access On A Computer. Simply Select Filtering Categories And Let Sophos Do The Rest.
  • Premium Support - Provides Live Email And Chat Support From 8 A.m. To 8 P.m. EST Monday-Friday. Plus, Our Knowledge Base Support Is Available 24/7.

HitmanPro Security Software

You Have Been Infected. Well, Not You, But Your Computer Has. It’s Slow. You Need A No-nonsense Malware Cleaner To Get Your Computer Back Up To Speed. HitmanPro Is The Malware Remover Of Choice For Tens Of Millions Of People.

It’s Really Small

You Can Download HitmanPro In Two Seconds (unless You Still Have Dial-up Internet). It’s Only 10MB. Plus, You Do Not Have To Install It – Just Run It After It’s Downloaded.

It Scans For Bad Behavior

A Standard Antivirus Program Misses Stuff. It’s Focused On Finding Malware Signatures That Virus Firms Have Identified As Malicious. But What About New, Zero-day Threats That Have Not Been Researched? That’s Why HitmanPro Looks At Behaviors When Scanning For Trojans And Other Malware. Bad Behavior Is Caught, With Or Without A Malware Signature.

It Uses Multiple Experts

Two Heads Are Better Than One. So We Have Four. HitmanPro Leverages Malware Databases From Four Security Labs, Including SophosLabs, To Be Incredibly Thorough When Scanning For And Cleaning Up Spyware And Malware. More Research Means More Powerful Cleaning.

It Cleans Up After Itself

Malware Piggybacks On Various Programs To Gain Access To Your Computer. HitmanPro Removes That Malware – And It Does Not Stop There. Damaged Windows Resources Are Brought Back To Their Safe, Original Versions.

It Goes Deep To Clean

Resilient Malware Can Also Affect Critical System Files And Boot Records To Manipulate The Windows Operating System And Installed Antivirus Software. This Is Even Before The Operating System Boots. HitmanPro Can Remove These Persistent Threats From Within The Running Operating System And Its Boot Records.

Visit Here - Get More Information

Cylance Description:

Cylance Smart Antivirus Is The First Next-generation Antivirus Available To Consumers And Provides Families With The Only Enterprise Class Security Software Designed For Personal Use. Using Artificial Intelligence, Cylance Smart Antivirus Eliminates The Need For Updates And Pop-ups While It Protects You And Your Loved Ones Against The Latest Cybersecurity Threats.

Smart Antivirus For US Smart Antivirus For UK
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An Antivirus That Works Smarter, Not Harder, From BlackBerry. Lightweight, Non-intrusive Protection Powered By Artificial Intelligence.

  • Non-intrusive: No System-slowing Scans, Unwanted Pop-ups, Or Annoying Alerts.
  • Light On RAM And CPU: Perfect For Gamers Or Alongside All Intensive Processes.
  • Preventive AI Tech: Stops Never-before-seen Malware, Ransomware And Malicious Websites.
  • Simplicity & Performance: Easy To Download, Quick To Install And A Breeze To Manage.

The Next-generation Antivirus, Powered By AI

Traditional Antivirus Can’t Keep Up

Traditional Antivirus Typically Uses A Signature Based Model, Which Is Reliant On Capturing New Viruses In The Wild And Creating A Master List Of Malware For Users To Download. This Makes It Especially Vulnerable To Zero-day Attacks And Modern Threats Which Can Alter Themselves Too Quickly For Signature Updates To Catch.

A Different Approach

Cylance Uses Cutting-edge Algorithms And Artificial Intelligence To Proactively Protect You, Preventing Threats Like Malware, Hackers, Viruses, Ransomware, And Malicious Websites. It Does This Whilst Being Lightweight And Easy To Use. Cylance’s AI Has Been Demonstrated As Effective Against Threats -- Even Without Updates -- Over 2 Years Into The Future.

smart Antivirus

How Cylance Uses AI To Stop Tomorrow’s Threats, Today

Advanced AI Training

We Use Cloud-based Supercomputers And Millions Of Examples Of Malicious Programs To Train A Neural Net, A Kind Of Digital Brain, To Recognise Threats.

Download And Protect

When You Purchase Cylance, This Is What You Download Onto Your Computer - A Superlightweight ’brain’, Trained To Catch And Quarantine Viruses.

Detection In Milliseconds

Cylance Sits In The Background, Instantly Recognising Threats The Moment They Occur And Reacting In Milliseconds – Unlike Other Antivirus Software Which Must Constantly Scan For Threats.

Complete Protection

Our AI Quarantines Files It Identifies As Threats, Allowing You To Review Individual Threats On You And Your Family’s Computers.

Features Of Cylance Antivirus

Cutting Edge Protection Without The Bloat Of Traditional Antivirus

Cylance Sits In The Background, Instantly Recognising Threats The Moment They Occur And Reacting In Milliseconds - Unlike Other Antivirus Software Which Must Constantly Scan For Threats.

1. Stops Infections Before They Can Attack

Traditional Antivirus Waits For You To Be Infected Before It Can Act. Cylance Observes The Behaviour Of Programs In Real-time, Detecting Threats In Milliseconds - Before They Can Execute.

2. Protects Against Never-before Seen Malware

Proactive AI Provides Protection From All Types Of Malware - Existing Threats And Those Yet To Be Developed. Cylance Prevents Attacks Before They Happen Rather Than Relying On Other Users Becoming Infected To ’discover’ Threats.

3. Unobtrusive Protection

We Know You Just Want Your Antivirus To Keep Your Safe - Not Waste Your Time. That’s Why We Guarantee To Never Bother You With Unwanted Alerts Or Pop-up Ads. Promise.

4. Light On RAM And CPU

We’ve Done All The Computational Heavy Lifting In The Cloud. As A Result, Cylance Uses Much Less RAM And CPU Than Other AV Solutions - Making It Perfect For Gamers Or Alongside Other Intensive Processes. You Won’t Even Notice We’re There.

Advanced Protection Has Never Been This Easy

Cylance Protects Devices On All Major Platforms And With Remote Protection, Cloud-based Support, Simple Set-up, It’s Never Been Easier To Be The Expert.

Easy To Install And Use

It’s Easy To Get Started With Cylance. Simply Download And Install, And You Have The Power Of An AI Supercomputer On Your Device. The Intuitive Interface Allows You To Manage Devices Centrally, Modify Settings, And Check Which Files Cylance Has Quarantined.

Remote Management

Cloud Based Support And Remote Management And Protection Means No More Worried Calls From Mom. Remotely View The Quarantine List Of All Devices To Keep Your Family Secure And Take The Work Out Of Being The Expert.

System Requirements

Operating Systems:

  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8 And 8.1
  • Windows 10
  • Mac OS X 10.9
  • Mac OS X 10.10
  • Mac OS X 10.11
  • macOS 10.12
  • macOS 10.13


  • RAM: 2GB
  • Available Hard Drive Space: 300MB
  • Additional Requirements: Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 Or Higher (Windows Only)

Internet Browser Support:

  • Google Chrome (latest Version)
  • Mozilla Firefox (latest Version)
  • Microsoft Edge (latest Version)
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer Version 10 Or Higher (with Latest Updates)

smart Antivirus


Cylance Uses Artificial Intelligence To Deliver Prevention-first, Predictive Security Products And Specialized Security Services That Change How Organizations Approach Endpoint Security. Cylance’s Security Solutions Provide Full Spectrum Predictive Threat Prevention And Visibility Across The Enterprise, Combatting Threats Such As Malware, Ransomware, File Less Malware, Malicious Scripts, Weaponized Docs, And Other Attack Vectors.

Smart Antivirus For US Smart Antivirus For UK
Smart Antivirus For Ireland Smart Antivirus For Canada
Smart Antivirus For New Zealand Smart Antivirus For Australia

With AI Based Malware Prevention, Application And Script Control, Memory Protection, Device Policy Enforcement, Root Cause Analysis, Threat Hunting, Automated Threat Detection And Response, Coupled With Expert Security Services, Cylance Can Protect Endpoints Without Increasing Staff Workload Or Costs.

Remove Malware With ZoneAlarm Pro AntiVirus + Firewall

The Essential PC & Internet Security Solution

  • NEW Anti-Phishing Chrome Extension- Secure Your Online Privacy.
  • Antivirus Software Protects Against Malicious Threats & Attacks.
  • Powerful Firewall Safeguards Your Identity And Online Privacy.
  • Two-way Firewall Blocks Intruders And Safeguards Your Data.

Antivirus & Firewall

1. Antivirus & Anti-Spyware Engine

Detects And Removes Viruses, Spyware, Trojan Horses, Worms, Bots And More. Independently Tested To Provide Superior Protection.

  • Kernel-Level Virus Prevention Protects The Operating System.
  • Scan Modes Let You Customize Your Protection.
  • Fastest-Updating Signature List Detects And Stops The Most Recent Viruses That Others Miss.

2. Advanced Real-Time Antivirus

Provides Access To The Up-to-date Database Of Antivirus Signatures To Protect Against Newly Emerging Threats. Real-Time Cloud Database Contains Up-to-date Reputation Of Files, Web Resources And Software Enhancing Traditional Antivirus + Firewall Protection

Checks Files Against Real-time Cloud Database To Ensure That Even The Latest Threats Are Not Missed.
Contains The Latest Antivirus Signatures, Web Resources And Software To Ensure Up-to-date Protection.

3. Two-way Firewall

Stops Internet Attacks At The Front Door And Even Catches Thieves On Their Way Out. Our Two-way Firewall Proactively Protects Against Inbound And Outbound Attacks While Making You Invisible To Hackers.

  • Threat Traffic Is Monitored And Blocked - Inbound And Outbound.
  • Full Stealth Mode Makes You Invisible To Hackers.
  • Kill Controls Instantly Disable Malicious Programs.

4. Advanced Firewall

No Product Is 100% Effective Against Viruses Or Spyware. ZoneAlarm’s Advanced Firewall Monitors Behaviors Within Your Computer To Spot And Stop Even The Most Sophisticated New Attacks That Bypass Traditional Antivirus And Security Suites.

  • OSFirewall™ Monitors Programs For Suspicious Behavior - Spotting And Stopping New Attacks That Bypass Traditional Anti-virus Protection.
  • Advanced-access Protection Targets And Defeats New, Advanced Attacks That Other Firewalls Miss, Such As Raw Data Access, Timing, And SCM And COM Attacks.
  • Zero-hour Protection Prevents Silent Outbreaks From Gaining System Access - Before Other Security Programs Can Even Detect The Threat.
  • Application Control Uniquely Shields Your Operating System During Start-up, Before Most Security Products Have Even Loaded.
  • Early Boot Protection Uniquely Shields Your Operating System During Start-up, Before Most Security Products Have Even Loaded.

5. Additional Layers

Multiple Layers Of Advanced Protection Provide Unsurpassed Security.

  • Wireless PC Protection Shields You From Hackers, Identity Thieves And Other Online Threats When You Connect To An Unsecured Network.
  • Automatic Wireless Network Security Detects Wireless Networks And Automatically Applies The Most Secure Firewall Protection Setting.
  • DefenseNet™ Provides Real-time Security Updates, Responds Quickly To Breaking Threats And Leverages Threat Data From Millions Of Users - Protecting Your PC From The Latest Attacks.

Software Features


Protects You Against Phishing Attacks.

Antivirus/Anti-Spyware Engine

Detects And Remove Viruses, Spyware, Trojan Horses, Worms, Bots And Rootkits.

Advanced Real-Time Antivirus

Enhances Protection By Checking Against An Always Up-to-date Cloud Database Of Antivirus Signatures.

Advanced Firewall

Monitors Programs For Suspicious Behavior Spotting And Stopping New Attacks That Bypass Traditional Anti-virus Protection.

Two-way Firewall

Makes Your PC Invisible To Hackers And Stops Spyware From Sending Your Data Out To The Internet.

Identity Protection

Helps To Prevent Identity Theft By Guarding Your Personal Data.

Browser Protection

Protects Your Computer From Web Threats Before They Reach Your Browser.

System Requirements

1. Anti-Phishing Add-on

Google® Chrome All Versions

2. Microsoft® Windows® 10

  • 32-bit / 64-bit, 2 GB RAM
  • 2 GHz Or Faster Processor
  • 1.5GB Of Available Hard-disk Space

3. Microsoft® Windows 7 SP1 All Versions

  • 32-bit / 64-bit, 2 GB RAM
  • 2 GHz Or Faster Processor
  • 1.5GB Of Available Hard-disk Space

4. Microsoft .NET Framework

Version 3.5 Or Later

Note: If A Supported Microsoft .NET Framework Is Not Installed, It Will Be Installed With ZoneAlarm

Heimdal Premium Security Home Software To Clean The System

heimdal Premium Security Home

Secure Your Digital Life Completely. True Cybersecurity Needs To Be Proactive, Not Reactive.

  • Unique Threat Prevention To Stop Even The Most Advanced Malware.
  • True Ransomware Attack Prevention.
  • Closes All Security Holes In Your System And Apps.
  • Winner Of Anti-Malware Solution Of The Year.

Thor Premium - 70% OFF


  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
  • VIP 24/7 Free Support
  • Instant Delivery On Email

Special Features Of Heimdal Premium Security Home

  • Unique Threat Prevention Of The Most Advanced Ransomware Viruses, Spyware And APTs.
  • Unique Traffic-based Malware Detection And Blocking BEFORE It Reaches Your PC.
  • Multi-layered, AI Powered Protection.
  • Secures Your Web-browsing.
  • Secures Your Online Banking And Payments.
  • Phishing Protection
  • Stops Cybercriminals From Extracting Personal Data
  • Blocks Data Leakage
  • Automatically Updates Your Apps To Close Security Holes In Your PC
  • Installs Your Favorite Software Securely And Conveniently
  • Firewall Integration
  • Next-gen Antivirus
  • Local Signature / File-based Scanning
  • Real-time Cloud Scanning
  • Sandbox And Backdoor Inspection
  • Process / Behavior-based Scanning
  • Lightweight Installation And Smooth Performance
  • Very Easy To Use.


Heimdal Premium Security Home Is The Ultimate Cybersecurity Suite, Combining A True Proactive Threat Prevention Solution With A Next-gen Antivirus With Market Leading Detection Rates So You Can Enjoy The Internet Freely!

Secure Your Digital Life Completely

Next-gen Threat Prevention Based On Machine Learning Meets A Powerful Antivirus With Market-leading Detection, So Your Online Security Is Flawless

  • Unique Threat Prevention And Next-gen Antivirus In A Complete And All-in-one Security Suite.
  • Stops Even The Most Sophisticated Malware, Ransomware And Online Scams.
  • Lightweight Installation And Smooth Performance.

Discover Actual Security In An Ever-changing Threat Landscape.

Heimdal™ Premium Security Home Brings The Unique Threat Prevention Layer Of Heimdal™ Threat Prevention Home On Top Of A Flawless, Market-leading Detection Heimdal™ Next-Gen Antivirus Home Antivirus To Stop Ransomware, Data Leakage, Viruses, APTs, Exploits & Other Advanced Online Threats.

Enjoy A Next Gen Multi-layered Security Suite.

Heimdal™ Premium Security Home Prevents Unknown Threats And Stops The Known Attacks. Browse Online Without The Fear Of Ransomware, Cryptojacking And Other Malware Strains, Connect Devices Without Worrying They’re Compromised.

Prevention Is The Best Cure.

Heimdal™ Premium Security Home Eliminates Vulnerabilities In Your System And Protects The Valuable Data That Makes Up Your Digital Life. Seamlessly Installs And Patches Your Other Software, So Your System Is Always Updated And Always Secure.

Thor Premium - 70% OFF

Step 6: Recover Files With Data Recovery Software

Data Recovery Is An Important Software To Retrieve The Lost Data As Well As The Files Inside The Computer System. However, Data Is Loss Due To Malware Invasion, Crafting The Malicious Code, Which May Delete The File Without Information Or Permission By The User. Data Recovery Is Retrieve Lost File From Inside The Hard Disk Drive To Prior Location. There Are Number Of Data Recovery Software Are Available In The Internet Market Or Online Shop.

You Can Try To Download As Well As An Install The Data Recovery Software To Recovery The Lost Files, Such As Images, Vidoes, Music And Other Text Files Via DRS Application.

OOII Ransomware, Remove OOII Ransomware, Uninstall