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Remove PROM Ransomware Malware (PROM Ransomware Virus Removal Guide)

  Category:  RANSOMWARE | 12th June 2022 | Author:  CSI TEAM

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PROM Is A New Name Of The Ransomware Program, Which Is Classified As Potentially Unwanted Program. PROM Ransomware Was Not Reach Your System Automatically. With The Help Of The User Of The Computer Owner, PROM Ransomware May Enter Your System And Annihilate Them Unpleasant Way. PROM Ransomware May Encrypt And Corrupt The Data As Well As File Or Folder. PROM Ransomware May Demand The Ransom Money Via Bitcoin. Therefore, You Should Never Pay The Ransom Amount At Any Cost.

Technical Synopsis

  • Name: PROM
  • Category: Ransomware
  • Risk Level: High
  • Infected Items: Peripheral Devices, Windows OS, Web Browser, Tools And Others Application.
  • Extension: .PROM[]
  • Contact Mail: Website On Tor Network,,, And
  • Ransom Amount: $480 To $980 Or More.

PROM Ransomware May Appear With Different Name (alias), Which Is Described Underneath:

  • Avast (Win32:Trojan-gen),
  • BitDefender (Gen:Heur.MSIL.Bladabindi.1),
  • ESET-NOD32 (A Variant Of MSIL/Filecoder.Thanos.A),
  • Kaspersky (HEUR:Trojan-Downloader.MSIL.Seraph.gen),
  • Microsoft (Ransom:MSIL/FileCoder!MTB)

PROM Ransomware Creator Send The Message Through Warning, Which Is Evince Below:

You Are Not Able To Decrypt It By Yourself! The Only Method Of Recovering Files Is To Purchase An Unique Private Key.

Only We Can Give You This Key And Only We Can Recover Your Files.

We Recommend You Upload 3 Encrypted Files In Hxxps:// And Paste Link To You Message. We Will Demonstrate That We Can Recover Your Files.

* Please Note That Files Must Not Contain Any Valuable Information.

Do You Really Want To Restore Your Files?

1) Using A TOR Browser!

a) Download And Install TOR Browser From This Site: Hxxps://

b) Open Website: Hxxp://sonarmsniko2lvfu.onion/?a=reg

c) Register Account

d) Click Compose And Write To Us, Our Username: Prometheus, In Message Write Your Key Identifier (it Is At The End Of File)

2) Using A Email

Write To 3 Emails Address At Once, In Message Write Your Key Identifier (it Is At The End Of File) :


We Recommend Using 1 Method Via TOR Browser To Contact Us.

Email Letters May Not Reach Us. Therefore, If You Do Not Receive A Response Within 12 Hours, Please Use Method 1.

* Do Not Rename Encrypted Files.

* Do Not Try To Decrypt Your Data Using Third Party Software, It May Cause Permanent Data Loss.

* Decryption Of Your Files With The Help Of Third Parties May Cause Increased Price (they Add Their Fee To Our) Or You Can Become A Victim Of A Scam.

*For Our Safety, All Information About Your Server And Your Decryption Key Will Be Automaticaly DELETED AFTER 7 DAYS! You Will Irrevocably Lose All Your Data!

Key Identifier:

PROM Ransomware Text Presented In This Webpage:


The Most Secure And Private Web Messenger In Tor.

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Registration Form

There Is No Way To Recover The Password, Make Sure You Do Not Forget It.


Valid Characters: A-Z, 0-9, _ And -


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The Private PGP Key Is Stored Encrypted So Even If The Server Gets Hacked The Hacker Gets No Keys.

For Higher Security, You Can Manually Encrypt The Messages With PGP.

PGP Key · FAQ · Contact Us · Donate · API · Sonar-cli

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Thus, You Should Comprehend That PROM Ransomware Is Not Mild Application. Hence, You Must Remove PROM Ransomware Malware program Immediately, Until Your Computer System Will Be Corrupted Inadequately. Manual Removal Process Does Not Work In The Case Of The Ransomware. Therefore, You May Apply The Automatic Removal Tool Is The Best Option.

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