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PC Privacy Shield For Windows XP | Windows Vista | Windows 7 | Windows 8 & Windows 10

  Category:  SECURITY SOFTWARE | 2020-09-01 | Author:  CSI TEAM

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PC Privacy Shield Is A Best Security Software Program, Which Has Been Powered As Well As Designed And Published By The Shield Apps. Many Computer User Is Visiting Various Website, Such As Shopping Site, Adult Site, Financial Website And More. Nobody, Know The Behaviour Of Website Behind The Interface. There Are Number Of Crucial Information Pertaining With Web Browser As Well As Personal Documents. PC Privacy Shield May Help To Hide The Sensitive Information From The Invader While You May Surf The Internet. PC Privacy Shield Will Remove All Tracks As Well As Records Of User Activity, Browsing History, File Usage And Chat Details.

pc Privacy Shield Computer Security Info

Download PC Privacy Shield

PC Privacy Shield Permits User To Clean Either All Or Sensitive Information Upon Choice, And Also Enables Dummy Information Embedding Within The History Files. PC Privacy Shield Features A Free Trial Version And A Paid Premium Version. PC Privacy Shield To Run A Quick Scan And Check For Privacy Risks, Exposed Information And Private Data That Can Be Exploited By Others!

Features Of The PC Privacy Shield


PC Privacy Shield Protects Against Identity Theft By Revealing Where Your Phone Number, Email, Physical Address And Credit Card Information Are Stored On Your Computer.


PC Privacy Shield Performs A Deep Scan For Usernames And Passwords That Are Logged On Your Device. You Can Then Either Remove Them Or Encrypt Them Into A Secured Password Management Vault.


PC Privacy Shield Lets You Easily Scan Your PC Or Laptop For Any Potential Threats. The Dashboard Will Instantly Display Your PC's Vulnerability By Revealing Any Potential Security And Privacy Issues.


PC Privacy Shield Will Search Your Computer For Any Cookies Embedded By Aggressive, Sometimes Abusive Advertisers As Well As Malicious Hackers And Prompt You To Delete Them.


PC Privacy Shield Conveniently Lets You To Selectively Delete Any Record Of Visited Websites That Remained Stored On Your Browser History.


Easily Remove Tracking Records That Include Your Personal Browsing Information, Used To Target You With Advertisements, For Identity Theft Profiling And For Information Phishing.


Surf The Web Safely And Conveniently Without Being Annoyed By Flashing Banners And Distracting Ads. The Ad Blocking Feature Will Block Both Static And Dynamic Banners, Making Your Browsing Experience Smoother And Faster.


PC Privacy Shield Locates Local Documents That May Contain Identity-related Information Such As Social Security Number, Bank Accounts Or Credit Card Numbers, And Prompts You To Either Delete Or Encrypt Those Files Into A Secured Files Vault.


PC Privacy Shield's New Version Features A User-friendly Wizard That Will Take You Through The Privacy Protection Process, Explaining Each Step And Step.

pc Privacy Shield Computer Security Info

Download PC Privacy Shield

Screenshots Of PC Privacy Shield For Windows Desktops

PC Privacy Shield

Status – PC Privacy Shield Cleans All Privacy Problems That Are On User Computer System! The Reports Shows Your Privacy Risk Status Per Section.


PC Privacy Shield

Scan/Clean – Scan Your Doubtful Files, Folders, And Other Files Such As Videos, Images And Musics. After Scan The Files, PC Privacy Shield Starts The Cleaning Process Steps By Steps.


PC Privacy Shield

User Password – This Section Of The PC Privacy Shield Software Will Pertaining With User Name As Well As User Password. You Can Create An Account In The PC Privacy Shield Software Section.


PC Privacy Shield

Profile – User Profile Section Is Very Significant For The User. One Or More Profiles Have Been Detected In Your Computer System. Each Profile Can Include Crucial Login Credentials, Credit Card Information As Well As Even More! Click A Profile For Detailed Information.


PC Privacy Shield

Browser History – Browser History Report Shows Of The Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer And Edge Web Browser. Here You Can Check The Web Browser Recent And Past History Details.


PC Privacy Shield

IM History – Instant Message (IM) Chat Details Are Associated With Skype, ICQ, OOVOO, Trillian Online Software Program. You Can Check The Status Of The Instant Message History.


PC Privacy Shield

SandBox – Sandboxed URLs Will Be Constantly Cleaned Off Your Computer System Once The Web Browser Has Been Closed.


System Requirements Of The PC Privacy Shield Software

Compatibility: Windows XP, Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10 (32/64 Bits)

Avoiding Identity Theft

Below Are A Few Things That Can Help You Achieve A Higher Level Of Online Identity Theft Protection:

1. Continually Check The Accuracy Of Personal Accounts And Deal With Any Discrepancies Immediately

2. Avoid Questionable Web Sites.

3. Practice Safe Email Protocol:

i - Don't Open Messages From Unknown Senders.

ii - Immediately Delete Messages You Suspect To Be Spam.

4. Only Download Software From Sites You Trust. Carefully Evaluate Free Software And File-sharing Applications Before Downloading Them.

5. Use Public Computers With Extreme Caution.

6. And Most Important: Clean Up After You’re Done! Use A Privacy Cleaner To Make Sure You Personal, Most Private Information Is Just Not There For Anyone To Collect!

pc Privacy Shield Computer Security Info

Download PC Privacy Shield

PC Privacy Shield Is Used To Both Defend One’s Information From Phishing AND To Cover His/her Tracks When Needed. PC Privacy Shield Will Let You Encrypt Or Delete Login Credentials And Alert In Real-time When Those Are Being Logged By The Browsers. PC Privacy Shield Includes An Easy To Use Ad Blocker That Blocks Annoying And Sometimes Abusive Banner Advertisements!

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