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Most Lucrative Tech Skills You Can Learn In 6 Months

  Category:  INFO | 13th June 2022 | Author:  CSI TEAM

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There’s An Increased Demand For Tech Workers In Every Industry, Not Just Technology Development Companies. In Fact, Companies That Don’t Work With Tech Talents Are At Risk Of Falling Behind Industry Trends. However, The Supply Of Tech Professionals In Certain Sectors Is Lower Than You’d Expect. Therefore, They Are Well Compensated For Their Skills.

When We Think Of Professionals Who Make Six-figure Annual Salaries, We Tend To Think Of The Educational Qualifications Involved. However, Qualification Requirements Have Changed In Recent Years; You No Longer Need A University Degree To Eventually Make $100,000 Per Year.

There Are Several Technology Skills That You Can Learn In Six Months Or Less And Get A Well-paying Job. The Best Way To Do It Is By Attending A coding Bootcamp. Here We’ll Show You Some Of The Highest-paying Tech Skills That You Can Learn In Six Months And Where You Can Learn Them.

Software Development

Software Development, Or software Engineering, Refers To The Discipline That Allows You To Create Web And Mobile Software, Including Apps. Software Developers Are Vital To A Software Company. To Others, Software Development Allows Businesses To Automate Processes And Create Digital Products For Customers, Among Others. 

A Software Developer Is Often Required To Work With Different Languages Such As Java, Python, And Ruby On Rails. However, There Are A Ton Of Other Coding Languages Available For You, Depending On The Project.

These Professionals Work With Back-end And Front-end Development. To Understand It Better, Let’s Picture It Like This: Back-end Is The Infrastructure Of The Software, Everything That’s Underneath The Visuals, And Front-end Is Everything We Can See. They’re Both Important For Software Development, But They’re Usually Done By Different People. Meaning, Back-end Developers And Front-end Ones Are Not The Same, But They Work Together.

A Software Developer’s Salary Is Different Depending On Several Factors Like Location Or Level Of Experience. However, The Average Salary Of A Web Developer Is Over $70,000. Web Developers With More Experience Could Earn An Over $100,000 Salary. And Those Living In San Francisco Could Also Have Higher Revenue Than Those Who Live In Other Cities Like Atlanta, For Instance.

Now, You May Be Wondering What’s The Best Place To Learn This Skill. Flatiron School’s Immersive Software Engineering Bootcamp Will Give All The Tools You Need To Become A Top-notch Software Developer. This Is A 15-week Bootcamp With Flexible Payment Methods That Go From Deferred Tuition To Loan Financing.

Machine Learning

Machine Learning Refers To A Computer’s Ability To Learn Actions Without The Need Of Human Command. Machine Learning Engineers Are The Professionals That Make Sure This Process Is Done Properly. To Put It In Simple Words, It’s Like Training A Child To Learn A Lesson. You’ll Show Them Objects, Phrases, Or Words So He Can Identify Them Later By Himself. 

Machine Learning Is An Important Field For Automation Along With Artificial Intelligence. However, AI Could Be The Next Level Of Automation, Since It Helps Machines Simulate The Way We Behave.

Machine Learning Engineers Are In High Demand Today, Especially In Information Technology Companies. However, This Talent Is Beneficial For Any Company In Any Industry. Since The Supply For These Professionals Is Not High And The Demand Is Constantly Increasing, Their Salaries Are Better Than Others In The Tech Field. Machine Learning Engineers Could Make Up To $154,124 According To LinkedIn’s Recent Reports.

Luckily This Is A Tech Skill That You Can Learn In Six Months Or Less. Although You May Be Thinking That This Requires A Five-year Bachelor’s Degree In Tech, Machine Learning Is A Relatively New Subject In Education, So It Might Be Hard To Find A Machine-learning-only Bachelor’s Degree. 

Springboard’s Machine Learning Engineering Bootcamp Has A Duration Of Six Months. This Course Is Focused On Software Engineering And Deep Learning. Springboard’s Bootcamp Does Something That None Other Bootcamp Does; Training You How To Create Machine Learning-driven Applications That Can Be Accessed From An API Or Web Service.

Data Science

Data Science Is Another Tech Skill That Covers A Lot Of Ground In Several Industries. This Profession Helps Companies Solve Problems Through Data Analysis. Data Scientists’ Work Is To Collect Data That Will Be Filtered And Come Up With Meaningful Insights That Could Help Prove A Hypothesis, Spot Errors, And Forecast Patterns In Databases. 

This Discipline Is Making A Huge Impact On The Pharmaceutical Industry As Well As Firms Or Environmental Organizations. In The Past, Data Scientists Had To Do All Of Their Work Manually, But Today They Work With Technology. That’s Why It Is Usually Required That They Have Programming Skills And Proficiency In Languages Like Python. Other Coding Languages They Use Could Be SQL Or R. 

Companies Like IBM Recognize The Job Of A Data Scientist In The Business World: “A Data Scientist Represents An Evolution From The Business Or Data Analyst Role. The Formal Training Is Similar, With A Solid Foundation Typically In Computer Science And Applications, Modeling, Statistics, Analytics, And Math."

Galvanize’s Data Science Bootcamp Will Give You The Necessary Tools To Land A Job As A Data Scientist. This Is A Python-oriented Bootcamp Where You’ll Learn Not Only About Data Analysis But Also Some Fundamental Knowledge Of Machine Learning And Data Visualization.


When Running A Development Project To Create A Digital Product, Companies Need To Have A Management System To Ensure Deadlines Are Met And Progress Is On Track. However, The Development Team Usually Doesn’t Have Good Communication With The Operations Team. This Delays The Whole Process Of Developing Products And Generates Negative Outcomes. 

The Function Of A DevOps Engineer Is To Create A Collaborative System Between Both Parties To Make Sure Everything Is Done On The Right Terms. This Is Surely A Skill That You Can Learn In A Short Period. Most DevOps Bootcamps Have A Duration Of Six Months Or Less.

In Conclusion 

Learning A Tech Skill Doesn’t Need To Be Something Boring Or Monotonous. Keep In Mind That Tech Skills Can Help You Land A High-paying Job.

You Can Learn Most Of These Skills In Six Months Or Learn And Boost Your Career By Adding A Valuable Skill To Your Resume, So Stay Determined And Be On Your Way To Success.

Most Lucrative Tech Skills You Can Learn In 6 Mont