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Malwarebytes Pricing: Options For Every Need

  Category:  INFO | 8th June 2024 | Author:  CSI TEAM

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Malwarebytes Is A Leading Cybersecurity Company Known For Its Effective Malware Detection And Removal Tools. With A Range Of Products Designed For Both Personal And Business Use, Malwarebytes Offers Various Pricing Plans To Suit Different Needs And Budgets. This Guide Provides An In-depth Look At The Pricing Structure Of Malwarebytes, Highlighting The Features And Benefits Of Each Option.

Malwarebytes Pricing

Personal Use Plans

Free Version

Malwarebytes Offers A Free Version That Provides Essential Malware Scanning And Removal Capabilities. This Version Is Ideal For Users Who Want To Supplement Their Existing Antivirus Software With An Additional Layer Of Protection. Key Features Include:

  • On-demand Scanning: Users Can Manually Initiate Scans To Detect And Remove Malware.
  • Basic Protection: The Free Version Offers Limited Real-time Protection, Focusing Primarily On Detecting And Removing Threats During Scans.

While The Free Version Is A Great Starting Point, Users Seeking More Comprehensive Protection Should Consider Upgrading To One Of The Premium Plans.

Premium Version

The Premium Version Of Malwarebytes Is Designed For Users Who Need Robust, Real-time Protection. Priced At $39.99 Per Year For A Single Device, The Premium Plan Offers Several Advanced Features:

  • Real-Time Protection: Continuous Monitoring And Protection Against Malware, Ransomware, And Other Threats.
  • Web Protection: Blocks Malicious Websites And Prevents Online Scams.
  • Ransomware Protection: Guards Against Ransomware Attacks That Can Lock You Out Of Your Files.
  • Exploit Protection: Shields Applications From Exploit Attacks.
  • Behavioral Monitoring: Detects Suspicious Activities To Catch New And Emerging Threats.

The Premium Plan Is Also Available For Multiple Devices. A Plan Covering Up To Three Devices Costs $59.99 Per Year, While Protection For Five Devices Is Priced At $79.99 Per Year.

Malwarebytes Pricing

Business Use Plans

Teams Plan

Designed For Small Businesses, The Teams Plan Offers Comprehensive Protection And Management Tools. Priced At $49.99 Per Device Per Year, This Plan Includes:

  • Centralized Management: An Easy-to-use Console For Managing Security Across Multiple Devices.
  • Advanced Threat Detection: Enhanced Capabilities For Detecting And Removing Malware.
  • Priority Support: Access To Malwarebytes’ Dedicated Support Team For Faster Issue Resolution.
  • Endpoint Protection: Comprehensive Security For Endpoints, Including Real-time Protection And Behavior-based Detection.

The Teams Plan Is Ideal For Small Businesses That Need To Protect Multiple Devices And Manage Security Policies Centrally.

Endpoint Protection And Response

For Larger Businesses, Malwarebytes Offers The Endpoint Protection And Response (EPR) Plan. This Enterprise-level Solution Provides Advanced Threat Detection, Response, And Recovery Capabilities. Pricing For The EPR Plan Is Customized Based On The Number Of Endpoints And Specific Business Requirements, With Quotes Available Upon Request.

Key Features Of The EPR Plan Include:

  • Incident Response: Tools For Identifying, Containing, And Remediating Security Incidents.
  • Threat Intelligence: Access To Real-time Threat Data And Analysis.
  • Automated Remediation: Automated Tools To Clean Up And Restore Affected Systems.
  • Detailed Reporting: Comprehensive Reports On Security Events And System Status.

Additional Services And Discounts

Malwarebytes For Home Bundles

Malwarebytes Offers Bundled Packages For Home Users That Include Additional Security Tools Such As Malwarebytes Privacy, A VPN Service Designed To Protect Online Privacy. These Bundles Provide Cost Savings Compared To Purchasing Each Product Separately. For Example, A Bundle That Includes Malwarebytes Premium And Malwarebytes Privacy Is Priced At $89.99 Per Year For Three Devices.

Educational And Non-Profit Discounts

Malwarebytes Offers Special Pricing For Educational Institutions And Non-profit Organizations. These Discounts Help Schools And Non-profits Access Top-tier Cybersecurity Solutions At Reduced Rates. Interested Organizations Can Contact Malwarebytes For A Customized Quote.

Malwarebytes Pricing


Malwarebytes Provides A Range Of Pricing Options To Meet The Diverse Needs Of Its Users, From Individuals Seeking Basic Protection To Enterprises Requiring Advanced Security Solutions. By Offering Flexible Plans And Competitive Pricing, Malwarebytes Ensures That Users Can Find A Solution That Fits Their Security Needs And Budget. Whether You're Looking To Protect A Single Device Or Manage Security Across A Large Organization, Malwarebytes Has A Plan That Offers The Necessary Features And Support.

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