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  Category:  SECURITY SOFTWARE | 27th November 2021 | Author:  CSI TEAM

computer security info

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Panda Dome Essential Is A Next Generation Antivirus To Protect The Computer System, Smartphone, And Others Devices From The Malware Invasion.

Panda Dome Essential 2021

1. Protection For All Your Devices

  • Keep All Your Devices Safe With The Next-gen Antivirus.
  • Protect And Manage All Your Devices.
  • Real-time Location.
  • Lock And Wipe Them Remotely Whenever You Want.
  • Anti-theft Alarm And Get A Photo Of The Thief After Three Failed Attempts To Unlock Your Lost Or Stolen Device.
  • Improve Performance And Extend Your Device’s Battery Life.
  • Trigger An Alarm And Take Photos From Your Android Wear™ Smartwatch.

2. And, Of Course, Protect Your Family

Know What Your Kids Are Doing Online Or Where They Are In Real Time. Our Priority Is Protecting What Matters The Most To You:

  • Monitor Your Children’s Internet Use.
  • Block Access To Inappropriate And Harmful Content.
  • PIN-protect Access To Specific Apps.
  • Keep Track Of Your Loved Ones’ Location At Any Time.
  • Protect Your Wi-Fi From Hackers And Piggybacking Neighbors.
  • Keep Your Memories, Photos And Confidential Data Safe.
  • Know What Your Apps Can Do And What Information They Can Access.
  • Add Phone Numbers To Your Blacklist And Stop Unwanted Calls.

3. Protection For Your Privacy

Keep Your Photos, Memories, Passwords And Confidential Data Safe From All Threats, Including Ransomware And Bitcoin Mining Attacks.

  • Virtual Vault To Protect Your Money And Confidential Data.
  • Real-time Next-generation Antivirus Protection.
  • Full Control Of Any Device Connected To Your Wi-Fi Network.
  • Secure And Manage All Your Passwords With A Single Click.
  • Wipe Your Device Data Remotely In Case Of Loss Or Theft.

Panda Dome Essential 2021

  • Protection Against Viruses In Real Time.
  • Additional Firewall For Windows Devices.
  • VPN For Private Internet Use (150MB/day).
  • Wi-Fi Protection Against Hackers.
  • Virus Scan For External Devices E.g. USB.

Features Of The Panda Dome Essential 2021

  • Antivirus And Firewall For Windows.
  • Real-time Protection For Mac And Android.
  • Free VPN (150MB/day). Secure And Private Internet Browsing.
  • Wi-Fi Protection Against Hackers.
  • Scanning Of External Devices For Infection Prevention.
  • Parental Control For Windows: Monitor And Restrict Device Usage For Your Children.
  • Identity Protection For Safe Online Shopping And Browsing.
  • Protection Against Advanced Threats And Cyber Attacks.
  • Complete Personal Data Protection.
  • Unique, Strong Password Generator.
  • Cleanup. Removal Of Files That Slow Down Your PC.
  • Premium VPN. Secure, Private, And Unlimited Internet Browsing.
  • Update Manager.
  • Technical Support 24 Hours A Day, 365 Days A Year.

System Requirements

  • Windows 10,
  • Windows 8/8.1,
  • Windows 7,
  • Windows Vista,
  • and Windows XP (SP3 Or Later);
  • Android 4 Or Later,
  • and MacOS 10.10 Or Later.

How To Get Started

  • Buy Your Panda Dome Protection
  • Download The App
  • Enter The Activation Code
  • Enjoy Your Devices With Complete Peace Of Mind!

Panda Dome Essential 2021

Panda Dome Essential Incorporates The Most Advanced Antivirus Engine On The Market, A Firewall, A VPN Service, WiFi Protection, And Protection Against Malicious External Devices (such As Infected USB Or Hard Drives). A Safe, User-friendly Way To Protect Your Computer From Internet Threats.

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