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How To Remove Powershell Virus From PC (Trojan Virus Removal Guide)

  Category:  TROJAN VIRUS | 27th May 2023 | Author:  CSI TEAM

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PowerShell Itself Is A Legitimate Scripting Language And Automation Framework Developed By Microsoft. It Is A Powerful Tool That Allows System Administrators And IT Professionals To Automate Tasks And Manage Windows Environments. However, Like Any Powerful Tool, It Can Be Misused For Malicious Purposes.

A "PowerShell Virus" Typically Refers To A malware Or Malicious Script Written In PowerShell That Is Designed To Carry Out Unauthorized Activities On A Victim's Computer. These Activities May Include Stealing Sensitive Information, Compromising System Security, Or Causing Other Harmful Effects.

Some Common Characteristics Of PowerShell-based Malware Or Viruses Include:

  1. Infection: PowerShell Viruses Often Spread Through Various Means, Such As Email Attachments, Malicious Downloads, Or Exploiting Vulnerabilities In Software Or Operating Systems.

  2. Obfuscation: Malicious PowerShell Scripts May Be Obfuscated Or Encoded To Evade Detection By Security Software. This Makes It More Difficult For Traditional Antivirus Programs To Recognize And Block Them.

  3. Unauthorized Actions: PowerShell Viruses Can Perform A Range Of Unauthorized Actions, Such As Modifying System Settings, Installing Additional Malware, Accessing Sensitive Data, Or Creating backdoors For Remote Access.

  4. Persistence: Once A PowerShell Virus Infects A System, It May Attempt To Establish Persistence By Creating Registry Entries, Scheduled Tasks, Or Other Means To Ensure It Remains Active And Survives System Reboots.

  5. Remote Command Execution: PowerShell Viruses Often Enable Remote Command Execution, Allowing An Attacker To Control The Infected System Remotely And Carry Out Further Malicious Activities.

To Protect Against PowerShell-based Malware Or Viruses, It Is Important To Follow Cybersecurity Best Practices, Such As:

  1. Keep Your Operating System And Software Up To Date With The Latest Security Patches And Updates.

  2. Use Reputable Antivirus And Anti-malware Software And Keep It Updated.

  3. Be Cautious When Opening Email Attachments, Especially From Unknown Or Suspicious Sources.

  4. Avoid Downloading Software Or Files From Untrusted Websites.

  5. Regularly Backup Your Important Data To Mitigate The Impact Of Potential Malware Infections.

  6. Exercise Caution When Executing PowerShell Scripts From Unknown Or Untrusted Sources.

If You Suspect Your System May Be Infected With A PowerShell Virus, It Is Recommended To Run A Reputable Antivirus Or Anti-malware Scan To Detect And Remove Any Malicious Scripts Or Files.

Powershell Virus Functions

A PowerShell virus, Like Any Other Malware, Can Have Various Functions And Capabilities Depending On Its Specific Design And Purpose.

Here Are Some Common Functions That A PowerShell Virus Might Perform:

  1. System Compromise: A PowerShell Virus Can Attempt To Compromise The Infected System By Gaining Unauthorized Access, Escalating Privileges, Or Bypassing Security Controls. It May Exploit Vulnerabilities In The Operating System Or Other Software To Achieve This.

  2. Data Theft: The Virus May Be Designed To Steal Sensitive Information From The Infected System, Such As Login Credentials, Financial Data, Personal Information, Or Intellectual Property. It Can Achieve This By Logging Keystrokes, Capturing Screenshots, Accessing Files And Folders, Or Intercepting Network Traffic.

  3. Remote Control: PowerShell Viruses Often Enable Remote Command Execution, Allowing An Attacker To Take Control Of The Infected System From A Remote Location. This Can Provide The Attacker With Full Access To The Compromised System And The Ability To Carry Out Further Malicious Activities.

  4. Botnet Participation: Some PowerShell Viruses Are Designed To Join A Botnet, Which Is A Network Of Compromised Computers Controlled By A Central Command And Control (C&C) Server. The Infected System Can Be Used For Various Purposes, Such As Launching distributed Denial-of-service (DDoS) Attacks, Sending Spam Emails, Or Spreading Malware To Other Systems.

  5. Malware Propagation: PowerShell Viruses Can Also Serve As A Means To Propagate Or Install Other Malware On The Infected System. They May Download And Execute Additional Malicious Files, Install Keyloggers, ransomware, Or Backdoors, Or Act As A Downloader For More Complex Malware Strains.

  6. System Disruption: The Virus May Aim To Disrupt The Normal Functioning Of The Infected System By Modifying Or Deleting Critical Files, Disabling Security Software, Or Causing System Crashes And Instability.

It's Important To Note That These Functions Are Not Exhaustive, And The Capabilities Of A PowerShell Virus Can Vary Greatly. The Specific Actions And Impact Of A PowerShell Virus Depend On The Intentions Of The Attacker Who Created It And The Specific Variant Of The Malware In Question.

If You Suspect That Your System May Be Infected With A PowerShell Virus, It Is Crucial To Take Immediate Action By Running A Reputable Antivirus Or Anti-malware Scan And Following The Guidance Of Cybersecurity Professionals To Mitigate The Impact And Remove The Malware.

Powershell Virus Symptoms

Symptoms Of A PowerShell Virus Infection Can Vary Depending On The Specific Malware Variant And Its Intended Purpose.

Here Are Some Common Symptoms That May Indicate The Presence Of A PowerShell Virus:

  1. Slow System Performance: The Infected System May Experience Significant Slowdowns, Delays, Or Overall Decreased Performance. This Can Be Due To The Malicious PowerShell Script Consuming System Resources Or Running Additional Unwanted Processes In The Background.

  2. Unauthorized Network Activity: A PowerShell Virus May Initiate Unauthorized Network Connections Or Communicate With Remote Command And Control (C&C) Servers. This Can Result In Abnormal Network Traffic, Such As Frequent Outgoing Connections To Suspicious IP Addresses Or Domains.

  3. Unusual Behavior In The Task Manager: When Examining The Task Manager Or System Monitoring Tools, You May Notice Unusual Or Unfamiliar Processes Running, Particularly PowerShell-related Processes. These Processes May Have Strange Names Or Consume A Significant Amount Of CPU Or Memory Resources.

  4. Unexpected Pop-ups Or Error Messages: The Presence Of A PowerShell Virus Can Lead To The Display Of Frequent And Unexpected Pop-up Messages Or Error Dialogs. These Messages May Contain Misleading Information Or Prompt You To Take Certain Actions That Could Further Compromise Your System.

  5. Disabled Security Software: Malicious PowerShell Scripts May Attempt To Disable Or Modify Security Software, Such As Antivirus Programs Or Firewalls, To Avoid Detection Or Removal. If You Find That Your Security Software Is Deactivated Or Cannot Be Launched, It Could Be An Indication Of A PowerShell Virus.

  6. Changes To System Settings: A PowerShell Virus May Modify System Settings, Including Changes To The Windows Registry, Altered Browser Configurations, Or Modifications To The Hosts File. These Changes Can Redirect Your Browser, Modify Your Homepage, Or Affect The Behavior Of Other Installed Software.

  7. Unauthorized Access Or Account Compromise: In More Severe Cases, A PowerShell Virus May Lead To Unauthorized Access To Your System Or Compromise Of User Accounts. You May Notice Unauthorized Login Attempts, Unfamiliar User Accounts, Or Suspicious Activity Associated With Your Online Accounts.

If You Observe Any Of These Symptoms Or Suspect That Your System May Be Infected With A PowerShell Virus, It Is Crucial To Take Immediate Action. Run A Reputable Antivirus Or Anti-malware Scan, Update Your Security Software, And Follow The Guidance Of Cybersecurity Professionals To Mitigate The Impact And Remove The Malware From Your System.

How To Remove Powershell Virus?

Removing A PowerShell Virus From Your System Requires A Systematic Approach.

Here Are Some Steps You Can Take To Remove A PowerShell Virus:

  1. Disconnect From The Internet: Disconnect Your Computer From The Internet To Prevent The Malware From Communicating With Its Command And Control Server Or Downloading Additional Malicious Components.

  2. Enter Safe Mode: Restart Your Computer And Enter Safe Mode. This Helps To Minimize The Impact Of The Virus And Prevents It From Running Unnecessary Processes During The Removal Process. The Method For Entering Safe Mode Can Vary Depending On Your Operating System.

  3. Run A Reputable Antivirus Or Anti-malware Scan: Use A Reliable And Up-to-date Antivirus Or Anti-malware Program To Perform A Full System Scan. Make Sure The Software Has The Latest Virus Definitions And Let It Scan Your Entire System, Including All Drives And Files. Follow The Prompts To Remove Or Quarantine Any Detected Threats.

  4. Disable Suspicious Startup Items: Check Your Computer's Startup Items And Disable Any Suspicious Or Unfamiliar Entries. Malicious PowerShell Viruses May Add Entries To Launch Themselves At System Startup, So Disabling Them Can Prevent The Virus From Executing.

  5. Delete Suspicious Files: Manually Search For And Delete Any Suspicious Files Associated With The PowerShell Virus. These Files May Have Random Names Or Be Located In Unusual Directories. Pay Attention To PowerShell Script Files (.ps1) Or Any Other Executable Files That You Suspect May Be Part Of The Virus.

  6. Restore System Settings: Review And Restore Any Modified System Settings, Including Changes Made To The Windows Registry, Browser Configurations, Or Hosts File. If You're Unsure About The Changes Made By The Virus, It's Advisable To Seek Guidance From An Experienced Professional Or Utilize Reputable System Restore Tools.

  7. Update And Patch Your System: After Removing The PowerShell Virus, Ensure That Your Operating System, Applications, And Security Software Are Up To Date With The Latest Patches And Updates. This Helps To Protect Your System Against Known Vulnerabilities That Malware Could Exploit.

  8. Change Passwords: As An Extra Precaution, Consider Changing Your Passwords For Important Accounts, Such As Email, Online Banking, And Social Media. This Helps To Protect Your Accounts From Potential Compromise That May Have Occurred During The Period The Virus Was Active.

  9. Reconnect To The Internet And Monitor: Once You've Completed The Removal Steps, Reconnect Your Computer To The Internet And Monitor Its Behavior. Keep An Eye Out For Any Recurring Symptoms Or Unusual Activities. If You Notice Any Suspicious Behavior, Run Another Scan With Your Antivirus Software Or Consider Seeking Professional Assistance.

It's Important To Note That Removing A PowerShell Virus Can Be A Complex Task, And The Steps May Vary Depending On The Specific Variant Of The Virus. If You're Uncertain Or Uncomfortable With The Removal Process, It's Best To Seek Assistance From A Qualified Professional Or A Reputable Computer Security Service.

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System Requirements

Operating Systems:

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  • Windows 10
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  • Mac OS X 10.10
  • Mac OS X 10.11
  • macOS 10.12
  • macOS 10.13


  • RAM: 2GB
  • Available Hard Drive Space: 300MB
  • Additional Requirements: Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 Or Higher (Windows Only)

Internet Browser Support:

  • Google Chrome (latest Version)
  • Mozilla Firefox (latest Version)
  • Microsoft Edge (latest Version)
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer Version 10 Or Higher (with Latest Updates)

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Software Features


Protects You Against Phishing Attacks.

Antivirus/Anti-Spyware Engine

Detects And Remove Viruses, Spyware, Trojan Horses, Worms, Bots And Rootkits.

Advanced Real-Time Antivirus

Enhances Protection By Checking Against An Always Up-to-date Cloud Database Of Antivirus Signatures.

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System Requirements

1. Anti-Phishing Add-on

Google® Chrome All Versions

2. Microsoft® Windows® 10

  • 32-bit / 64-bit, 2 GB RAM
  • 2 GHz Or Faster Processor
  • 1.5GB Of Available Hard-disk Space

3. Microsoft® Windows 7 SP1 All Versions

  • 32-bit / 64-bit, 2 GB RAM
  • 2 GHz Or Faster Processor
  • 1.5GB Of Available Hard-disk Space

4. Microsoft .NET Framework

Version 3.5 Or Later

Note: If A Supported Microsoft .NET Framework Is Not Installed, It Will Be Installed With ZoneAlarm

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