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HitmanPro & HitmanPro.Alert – Best Security Software For Windows OS

  Category:  SECURITY SOFTWARE | 2021-08-09 | Author:  CSI TEAM

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Cleans Malware, Viruses, Trojans, Worms, Keyloggers, Rootkits, Trackers, Spyware, And More. Stops Complex Attacks And Exploits In Real-time While Increasing Privacy – Includes HitmanPro.Alerts

  • Cleans First, Then Prevents New Attacks
  • Adds Multiple Layers Of Security
  • No Need To Uninstall Any Other Software

It’s One Thing To Clean All That Gunk Off Your Computer. It’s Another To Keep It Consistently Clean. HitmanPro.Alert Not Only Removes Malware – It Works In The Background To Stop A Plethora Of Hacking Attacks.


HitmanPro.Alert Is The Preferred Choice For Enhancing PC Security. Why? Well, Here Are The Reasons:

Includes HitmanPro Features

All That Cybersecurity Goodness That Exists In HitmanPro Is Included In HitmanPro.Alert. Sounds Too Good To Be True? Welcome To Security Paradise.

Protect Vulnerable Programs

We Hate To Say It, But Sometimes Standard Programs Like Microsoft Word Or Office Are The Weakest Link. They Can Be Weaponized Against You, Allowing For An Open Backdoor To Your Files And Sensitive Data. HitmanPro.Alert Adds Additional Security Layers Around These Vulnerable Programs And Replaces Infected Windows Resources With Safe, Original Versions.

Stop Zero-day Ransomware

HitmanPro.Alert Includes The CryptoGuard Feature, Which Analyzes All Encryption Behavior. It’s A Ransomware Stalker. When It Recognizes Unauthorized Encryption, HitmanPro.Alert Reacts. It Creates Backups Of The Files, Then Stops And Removes The Ransomware. Finally, It Allows The Files To Be Reverted Back To Their Original State. No User Interaction Required, And No Ransomware Signatures Needed.

Keep Private Stuff Private

HitmanPro.Alert Encrypts What You Write Online, Making Keyloggers Useless At Capturing Sensitive Data Like Credit Card Numbers And Credentials. Also, HitmanPro.Alert Beefs Up Your Browser Security To Stop Hacking Exploits. But Wait, There’s More: Receive Alerts When Your Webcam Is Turned On By Any Program.

Deceive Malware

Hackers Do Not Want Their Precious Malware To Be Studied By Security Experts. This Is Why So Many Malware Programs Self-destruct When They Recognize A Researcher. Taking This Into Account, HitmanPro.Alert Makes Its Users All Look Like Malware Researchers, Resulting In A Lot Of Terminated Malware. It’s Like Getting Honorary Degree From A Cybersecurity University.

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Unlike Free Programs, HitmanPro.Alert Does Not Sell Your Information Or Install Unwanted Apps, Tool Bars, Or Advertising Programs. Our Focus Is Providing Easy Malware Removal And Proactive Security.

HitmanPro Antivirus & Security Software.

Finds Malware. Destroys Malware. Does Not Apologize.

You Have Been Infected. Well, Not You, But Your Computer Has. It’s Slow. It’s Acting Funny. You Need A No-nonsense Malware Cleaner To Get Your Computer Back Up To Speed. We Have Just The Thing.


HitmanPro Is The Malware Remover Of Choice For Tens Of Millions Of People. Why? Because It Does Five Things Very – Actually, Exceptionally – Well.

It’s Really Small

You Can Download HitmanPro In Two Seconds (unless You Still Have Dial-up Internet). It’s Only 10MB. Plus, You Don’t Have To Install It – Just Run It After It’s Downloaded.

It Scans For Bad Behavior

A Standard Antivirus Program Misses Stuff. It’s Focused On Finding Malware Signatures That Virus Firms Have Identified As Malicious. But What About New, Zero-day Threats That Haven’t Been Researched? That’s Why HitmanPro Looks At Behaviors When Scanning For Trojans And Other Malware. Bad Behavior Is Caught, With Or Without A Malware Signature.

It Uses Multiple Experts

Two Heads Are Better Than One. So We Have Four. HitmanPro Leverages Malware Databases From Four Security Labs, Including SophosLabs, To Be Incredibly Thorough When Scanning For And Cleaning Up Spyware And Malware. More Research Means More Powerful Cleaning.

It Cleans Up After Itself

Malware Piggybacks On Various Programs To Gain Access To Your Computer. HitmanPro Removes That Malware – And It Does Not Stop There. Damaged Windows Resources Are Brought Back To Their Safe, Original Versions.

It Goes Deep To Clean

Resilient Malware Can Also Affect Critical System Files And Boot Records To Manipulate The Windows Operating System And Installed Antivirus Software. This Is Even Before The Operating System Boots. HitmanPro Can Remove These Persistent Threats From Within The Running Operating System And Its Boot Records.

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Unlike Free Programs, HitmanPro Does Not Sell Your Information Or Install Unwanted Apps, Tool Bars, Or Advertising Programs. We Just Provide Secure, Easy Malware Removal.

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