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75% OFF at Heimdal Security
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Better butterflies in your stomach, than worms in your devices!

Thor Free is an outstanding wingman, but for the best online protection on the market, you will need Thor Premium Home by your side.

Thor Free is tireless working to keep your system up to date. Regardless if it’s a new patch or release candidate, Thor Free will ensure that all your favorite apps are in the loop. Your device is not impervious to online threats.

Are you willing to gamble your financial data and fond memories by betting everything on below-par online protection?

Thor Premium Home, the unique, Fort Knox-grade cybersecurity solution is everything you will ever need to keep your data and digital assets out of harm’s way. This time, luck’s definitely on your side – since Valentine’s Day is close, here’s a Wish-upon-a-star Thor Premium Home discount.

Our Thor Premium Home bundle includes: 
  • Unique, two-way, traffic-filtering engine, to prevent threats unknown to antiviruses

  • Robust, real-time scanning, performed by our award-winning antivirus

  • Silent background patching module, that seals up over 85% of security holes

  • Continuous code-change and running processes verification

  • Efficient and lightning-fast quarantine system for suspicious files

  • Lightweight installation kit

  • Minor impact on machine performance

Thor Home Premium - Heimdal Security

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