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The Computer Virus: Brief Introduction
The Computer Virus is a type of malicious piece of code programmed with capabilities of hijacking computer systems with vulnerabilities. The Computer Virus leaves its prints on programs, data files, boot sector of the hard disk; in simple terms and virus infects all these in order to grow and spread inside the PC. The Computer Virus can integrate with programs or applications and enters inside your machine silently. 
The Computer Virus can spread from one PC to another if it is connected through some network. A dreadful executable program which relies on your computer's resources to survive and perform all its operations including interrupting PC's normal processing and functioning. The Computer Virus mainly targets Windows systems and eyes on your personal data including your financial information, login details etc. The Computer Virus gathers all these using different techniques such as Watchdog, Obfuscation and even more. 

The Computer Virus infection even entices Internet users and show itself as it is genuine software which is very helpful for your machine and user involve it easily and lures them to buy the licensed version by providing their information on a phishing website. The Computer Virus may bring others viruses such as spyware, malware, ransomware through open the back doors.

Computer Virus Removal Tools (EN)

Outils de suppression de virus informatiques

Tools zum Entfernen von Computerviren

Ferramentas de Remoção de Vírus de Computador

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