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Identifies New Threat

This software can used advance database and it is designed by team experts. These experts are use sophisticated technology to find new virus and other computer threat. This software can detect any new virus which may arrived recently in the cyber world.
Easy Removal Process
Software develops advanced scanning techniques which can find and detect  each and every virus or malware no matter which types of virus they are. The application can provide complete removal methods which can help the user.
System Guard
System Guard define as the core feature of SPYHUNTER 5 ANTI-MALWARE software. It can provide process Control, Active X and Registry Protection which can offers perfect security solution from distinct types of virus.
Custom Scan and Backup
It can provide complete backup in every sensitive situation where data not absent in hard disk. This is excellent features where avoid the data loss situations and if your hard disk lost then SPYHUNTER 5 ANTI-MALWARE's roll back features are available to retrieve data.
Network Sentry
It provides by developer to users which can control over network setups of your computer. After turn on this feature user do not panic because any virus not enter your system from the network. 

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