Full Version: How Does The Computer Virus Infects Your PC
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It is true that anti-virus applications have developed quite a defensive security wall for PC protection, but the cyber crooks still find a way to nudge a computer system. The Computer Virus being an Internet bug can use so many ways to get inside and infect. 
The Computer Virus can install automatically without your permission. It can spread to distinct avenues with the help of free applications, games, P2P software etc. The Computer Virus can also come through spam mails, perilous embedded attachments in the emails and others source. 
The Computer Virus travels as attachments to email messages and replicate through mailing themselves to persons in the victim's mail address book. Some mail virus does not require a double-click, as they can start when recipient looks the infected message in the preview pane of email application. 
Due to security system loopholes, it can enter your machine successfully. In other words, Internet surfing in a reckless way without considering what you click or visit is the root cause that disseminates this infection in your Windows systems. 

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